Freston road has always been home to disruptors. From the counter culturalists who seceded from the UK 40 years ago, to the startups who work with us here today. Our property portfolio is helping to continue this tradtion - we develop buildings on Freston road into world class startup spaces.

In 1977, the Free Independent Republic of Frestonia was established. A community of artists, musicians and writers had taken up residence on Freston Road. When the Greater London Council announced plans to redevelop the area, the community, inspired by Christiana in Copenhagen, decided to secede from the United Kingdom.

“We the Free Independent Republic of Frestonia, herewith apply for full membership of the United Nations, with autonomous nation status…”

The move created an international media furore, and led to renegotiation with the GLC, and a compromise; the Bramley's housing cooperative was formed. To this day, the Bramley's cooperative remains the homeplace of many old Frestonians and their descendants.

Our workplace is just down the street, on Freston Road itself.